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Agnew Veterinary Reproductive Services

Dr. Morgan Agnew began Agnew Veterinary Reproductive Services, AVRS, in partnership with Philadelphia Animal Hospital in 2019.  Dr. Agnew started AVRS in order to provide quality, small animal, reproductive care in the Philadelphia region.  Her goal is to build personal, collaborative relationships with clients to create the most successful reproductive plan for her patients. 

We offer the full spectrum of reproductive services tailored to your patients specific needs.  We strive to offer a comprehensive array of services, including onsite frozen semen storage, transcervical insemination, and same day progesterone results in order to provide the most streamlined service possible. 

We look forward to working with you.  Please contact us to set up an appointment. 

Agnew Veterinary Reproductive Services (

Dr. Morgan Agnew VMD, DACT

Dr. Agnew and Vet Tech Fiona

 Dr. Agnew returned to Pennsylvania to complete a two year residency specializing in reproduction at the University of Pennsylvania.  During her residency she became very interested in small animal reproduction. Upon completion of her residency she became board certified in theriogenology and has spent the last two years working at Country Companion Animal Hospital focusing on canine reproduction.  

Dr. Agnew is a proud member of The American College of Theriogenologists and The Society for Theriogenology.



 Morgan Agnew, VMD, DACT is excited to be joining the team at Philadelphia Animal Hospital and starting Agnew Veterinary Reproductive Services PLLC. 


Dr. Morgan Agnew grew up outside of Philadelphia in Wyndmoor, PA taking care of her family pets including cats, rabbits, birds and reptiles.   Dr. Agnew graduated summa cum laude in 2009 from Virginia Tech with a dual degree in Animal and Poultry Science and Biology. Dr. Agnew graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of  Veterinary Medicine in 2013.

After veterinary school Dr. Agnew spent two years in Lexington, KY working at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in the ambulatory department, spending a majority of her time managing pregnant mares, foals, and yearlings. 



In her free time Dr. Agnew enjoys hiking, traveling, and gardening with her husband Al and dog Fiona.  She enjoys spending quality time with her family including her two younger sisters who both live in the Philadelphia area.  

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